Rattan Coasters - Set of Five
Rattan Coasters - Set of Five

Rattan Coasters - Set of Five

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We love a rattan moment, especially when it comes to the little things. Each coaster in this five piece set is handwoven from Ata grass (also called "ketak", a vine native to Indonesia), an artisan favorite known for its strength and durability.

Give it a smell and you'll notice a smokey scent! That's because Ata grass woven into its final shape is smoked over coconut husks, resulting in a distinct caramel color and increased durability and a fragrance that will fade over time.

We love that these sets came to us directly from their artisan weavers, so we can offer you the finest finished product at an affordable price. Bonus, all weavers earn a living wage which allows them to follow their passions wile providing for their families!

Dimensions: Each coaster measures approximately 4" across. Due to their handwoven nature, each coaster will vary slightly in size.

Material: Ata Grass