Bombshell Bar Earring
Bombshell Bar Earring

Bombshell Bar Earring

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The Bombshell Bar Earrings are highly polished and hand-cast by a vulnerable artisan group in Cambodia from recycled brass bombshells. Turning war into peace, these earrings carry a meaningful message and give back to a community once devastated by bombing. Bomb casings are left over from Cambodia's wartime three decades ago.

Ironwork artisans skillfully mold bomb shells into beautiful jewelry pieces, introducing a small income to the community. Artisans are paid fairly and equitably for their skillful work, which keeps families together with food on their table. A livable and reliable income is especially important for women as it allows them to raise healthy babies and children and provide for their future. The designs use inspiration from Cambodia's rich tapestry, restoring and preserving many traditional Cambodian skills.

Material: Brass from recycled bombshell + bullet casings.

Measurements: L 1" W .25"

Made in Cambodia